Choosing the perfect sofa set for your living room can be challenging, and in most cases, people depend on professional interior designers to make decisions on their behalf. There are several types of sofa sets in the market, and one of the most popular seats in the L-shaped sofa sets. You may look for a 9-seater L-shaped sofa set or an 8-seater L-shaped sofa set for the living room, but that requires some consideration. Before going through that, let us tell you why people prefer this type:

The L-shaped sofas are the best options for the small living rooms because they provide more seating without occupying too much space. These seats are popular and trendy, and it is not unusual to find them in modern houses. 

The L-shaped sofa sets come in a streamlined appearance to your interiors, and they are available in the market in a variety of colours and materials. 

They have various configurations such as the l-shaped seats with both arms of the same length, one arm shorter than the other, a sofa with a bed attachment, and detachable and modular sections.

There are various size options available with it. You can go with as small as 4-seater to much larger like 9-seater L-shaped sofa sets

Now, we are moving to the essential tips that you would want to consider when choosing the L-shaped sofa set for your living room.

How to choose an L-shaped sofa set that is ideal for your living room?

  • The size of the sofa

When you are selecting the ideal setting for your living room, it is essential to pick the perfect sofa that will fit in your room. It is important to remember that the size of the sofa matters. Imagine picking a sofa that is too large for your room; there can be a fatal outcome for your space. When you choose a too-small sofa for your room, it will be out of proportion for your room. Both of these two mistakes have the capability of stripping your living room’s everyday comfort and functionality. 

So, if you have a small space, a 4 or 5-seater would be good for you, or an 8-seater L-shaped sofa set would work if you have a large unused portion in your living room. 

  • The arrangement and orientation of your living room

It is necessary to consider how you will arrange and organize your living space. Where do you want to put your sofa? Would you wish to wind down in front of your TV? Which direction do you want your sofa to face? And lastly, what do you do most with your living room? Your L-shaped sofa can be modified to fit your design or future requirements. Also, the size of the sofa set will depend on how you arrange your living room.

  • Consider the material of the L-shaped sofa.

Curating your living room with the perfect sofa depends on your material preference. You may be interested in leather, velvet, fabric, etc. 

The leather sofas are more durable and are resistant to wear and tear. If you keep pets in your home, then also the leather is the best option because they are easy to wipe and clean. 

The 8-seater L-shaped sofa set made with fabric is also an excellent alternative and provides more comfort being cost-effective too. When selecting the L-sofa sets, it's good to ensure that the material is convenient for your lifestyle and will last longer. 

  • The colour of your living room

It is essential to select an L-shaped sofa that will match or contrast the color of your living room walls. The sofa that is compatible with your living room's colour creates an impressive view of your living room. So, it should act as a determining factor for the sofa set that you are going to buy. 


The L-shaped sofa set has come a long since it was invented in its original design of chaise at one end of the "L." Over the past decades, the designs of these seats have evolved, providing you with many options and a variety of designs, styles, and formats that can confuse you when selecting the best 6-seater or 7-seater L-shaped sofa set for your living room. So, we hope our suggestions will come into use for you.