Having a well-designed sofa set with a table for your living room is very important because it creates your house's first impression on your guests. A sofa set with a table is an essential piece of furniture that you should invest in, to ensure comfort, showcase your style, and highlight your taste.

Currently, the designs of wooden sofa sets have been transforming every day, making it possible to find a sofa that is not old and has gone out of the trending fashions and designs. It has resulted in the availability of a wide range of choices, therefore making it a challenging task to identify the best and trendy types suitable for your living room. So, we are listing out different types of trendy sofa sets with a table that you should consider buying.

Different types of sofa set that are in trend:

  1. The L-shaped sofa sets

The L-shaped sofa sets are very flexible because you can buy them in different sections and arrange them in a way that matches your room space requirements. They have a variety of types that make up a typical sectional collection; hence they can fit in both small and large living rooms. These sofas range from the single chair pieces and armrest up to the sleeper sofa units. With a variety of choices in terms of designs and colours, you can choose the right piece of furniture that suits the layout of your living room.

  1. The Wooden sofa sets

The wooden sofa sets have different configurations, including a 3-seater sofa set, a two-seater sofa set, and two single seater sofa sets. They are composed of various robust and stylish sofa set woods inspired by many designs. You can avail of different colours, styles, and patterns as well. Moreover, this set tends to be tough and is more durable compared to the other types.

  1. The leather sofa sets

This type of sofa set has leather covering most parts or the entire sofa. With so many leather textures, colours, coatings, and grains, it becomes more confusing to determine which type of leather would work best for you. The leather sofas last up four times longer compared to the fabric couch because leather is flexible and durable, making it naturally more resistant to tears, punctures, and it remains strong even around the seams. If you want a sofa set for your living room that is resistant to spills and is easy to clean, going for a leather sofa would be wise.

  1. The fabric sofa sets

If you are planning to handle pets in your home, the best sofa set with a table would be the fabric sofa sets. These types of sofa sets are stain-resistant, and they get cleaned easily with the speciality handheld products and steam cleaners. These sofa sets are scratch-resistant, making it safe from the pet’s claws and small kids. So, if you have them, fabric type would be the most suitable as per your lifestyle.

  1. The U-shaped sofa sets

The u-shaped sofa sets with a table appear to be big and bulky. However, they are the most suitable option for small living rooms because they provide more seating within a limited space. Other advantages can be on a budget considering their economical nature. They are impressive, create a modern appearance in your living room, and are seen as an ideal choice for casual seating.


As a centerpiece of any living room area, a modern and stylish sofa set with a table serves as an essential focal point for comfort as well as a pleasant appearance. The sofa set with the living room table is continually changing, making it vital to identify the latest trends. So, it is essential to keep on researching newer designs.