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Casa style – modern dining tables for urban homes

Now that plenty of urban homes feature an open kitchen and dining space, owning a modern yet functional dining table is a perfect idea. Our wide range of dining table 6 seater sets will give your house an ultra-modern look and a designated space for meals.

Casa style puts great attention on not just size and shape, but also the built of the dining tables so that you can grow old with it. Whether you buy a steel dining table or Sheesham dining table 6 seater from us, you will love it for years to come.

Our range of modern dining tables include:

  • Teak dining table 6 seater
  • Sheesham dining table 6 seater

How to choose the right dining table for your home?

Since online buying doesn't facilitate personal touch, you can refer to the following pointer to choose the best dining table for your home

Measure your dining space

Imaginations are limitless and deceptive. You might be thinking that you very well can fit a dining table 6 seater in your dining space while it isn’t even big enough for 4 seaters.

A dining table is a large piece of furniture. Therefore, you must first measure the space before making your decision.

Choose a conventional style

Always go for a modern yet timeless design and shape for your dining table and chairs. An awkwardly shaped table can disrupt the architectural flow of your house and may look odd one out.

What’s your budget?

Along with style you should pre-plan your budget and filter the options accordingly.

Choose the right material

While steel gives a contemporary and minimalistic vibe, wood has an old-world charm. Look around your house, and decide on the material that will complement the overall look of your home.

Why Casa style for dining tables?

Furniture brings character and warmth to your house. Here at Casa style, we make furniture to add value to your home.

Online furniture shopping can be a daunting task but so is in-store shopping. We aim to make your furniture shopping experience as easy as chilling on your couch. Casa style has got all those questions and queries covered that you can possibly have while shopping for furniture from us.

Here is why you should choose Casa style dining tables-

Experienced artisans:

We directly deal with experienced and expert artisans to provide you with the best built and construction

Great material:

Casa style only uses solid teak and Sheesham wood in the construction of dining tables for it to last you a lifetime. Other than wood our dining table glass top 6 seaters are made with industrial quality glass for nice built and longevity.

Accurate measurements:

Our website displays accurate measurements for every piece of furniture we sell including dining tables. You can easily refer to these measurements while selecting the perfect dining table for your home.

Easy delivery and installation:

We not only offer good material but also free delivery and installation of every dining table we sell.

1-year warranty:

All of our dining tables enjoy a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

The right dining table for your home is the one that is budget-friendly, nicely built, and fits your space like a glove. Casa style brings you the perfect blend of all these things in a dining table.

We just don’t want you to buy a dining table from us. We want you to love it, cherish it, and be around it for a long, long time.

Looking for a dining table set with chairs?

Try Casa style. You will remember why you chose us!


1.Is teak wood good for dining table?
Ans.Yes, teak wood is one of the premium materials and gives an elite look to your room. It is durable and easy to maintain. A 6 seater dining table set with chairs in teak wood is the right fitting for an elegant dining room.

2.What is the cost of dining table for home 6 seater?
Ans.The cost of a dining table for a home with 6 seaters varies in, 1- The material of the dining table, 2- Style & type of material used, 3- The number of seats determined, 4- Number of chairs (if included), 5- Measurements, 6- Customization.

3.How much space is needed for a 6 seater dining table and chairs?
Ans.A 6 seater dining table set in teak wood is appropriate for a single-family dining room. Space depends upon the set you choose, but one should measure their space where the dining table is going to be placed in advance to eliminate any accommodation problem.

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