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Sustainable King Size Bed for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms and beds being the place of rest after a tiresome day at work need to be comfy and cozy. For some people, the bigger the bed is, the merrier it gets in terms of comfort. Casa Style is one of the leading dealers to provide the best designed and sustainable king size bed for your bedroom.

The best way to upgrade the looks of your bedroom is by getting a brand-new bed. Nothing beats a well-crafted, detailed, four-poster bed with soft padding on the headrest, sitting right in the center of the bedroom.

Why choose a king-size bed?

  • King size beds are perfect for couples with children or pets. It gives enough scope of free movement and also has enough storage space. It will also give couples their own space. But king size beds may not be suitable for limited spaced rooms. But here at Casa Style, we give you various size options that can be used in moderate to large bedrooms.
  • Any bed with perfectly done bedding is appealing, but a king-sized bed with proper cleaned tucked in bed sheets is heaven. This calls your inner soul to take a short nap!! Perfectly curated bed sheets along with our range of teak wood king beds are sure to give your room an alluring touch.

The bed tends to be a bit expensive. But Casa Style gives you the best quality king size bed at a much affordable price. Depending on the design and size of the bed, the price varies from under 15000inr to up to 69000inr. With the price range being flexible and affordable, along with a plethora of options to choose from, Casa Style is your one-stop shop to buy a king-size bed.

Along with the price being flexible and our well-crafted craftsman constructs beds that are alluring and chic, without ever compromising on the quality of the material.

Intricately designed durable King bed

Our king-size beds are made from the finest quality materials. Each bed has a unique design with intricate detailing in the upholstery. Casa Style provides the best range of Teak and Sheesham wooden and other international quality material-built king beds that are well constructed and highly durable. No matter what is the colour scheme or the theme of your bedroom, be assured to get your ideal designer king-size bed at our doorstep. Our team of professionals always keep a tab on the latest trends in bedding and supplies you with the same at your doorstep.

A perfect combination of modern and traditional facilities

Beds along with being comfy must come with proper access to storage. Casa Style gives you the best of both worlds. Each of our king size beds has enough storage space. This in combination with hydraulics makes your experience hassle-free. Opting for a king-size with storage aids you to get two things at one price- a bed and a cabinet. The best hydraulics implemented and with perfectly crafted soft padded headboards, will ensure that your relaxation is optimum.

Casa Style integrates class and technology. We aim to pamper and uphold your taste by giving the top-quality materials. From giving international quality woods like teak and Sheesham to soft cushioned upholstery, is enough to give your room a makeshift overhaul. The top priority being your comfort, we give the best range of king size beds that match any mood. If you have space, treat yourself with the comfort and luxury that you deserve. Contact our sales executive to look into the latest models of king size beds.


1.How big is a king size bed?
Ans.A king size double bed is around 6’ x 6'2". However, the size of the same may vary depending upon the style and pattern of the bed.

2.What is the cost of a king size bed with storage?
Ans.The cost of a king size bed with storage depends upon several factors such as the quality of wood, style, size and pattern of the bed. Casa Style has the best designer made king size bed at unmatched prices.

3.Where to buy king bed hydraulic storage?
Ans.Casa Style offers an extensive range of king beds with hydraulic storage. Our king beds are made from superior quality solid wood and offer ample storage space as well.

4.Is it worth buying a king size 6 6?
Ans.Yes, it is worth buying a king size 6x6’ bed. It is comfortable for two adults and offers great comfort as well.

5.Where is the best place to buy a king bed under 15000?
Ans.Casa Style is the best place to buy a king bed under 15000. We have the largest range of premium and stylish beds.

6.Where to buy king bed 72 75?
Ans.You can buy a king bed 72*75 at Casa Style. We have an array of king beds available in several dimensions. You check our website to view our collection of king size beds.

7.Is teak wood good for bed?
Teak is one of the supreme quality woods for making beds and furniture for the home. One’s first preference must be a teak wood bed for its solidity & durability and the modern, as well as the traditional look with the unique design of the furniture, surely revitalises your bedroom premises.

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