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Welcome To The Stylish Furniture World To Buy The Best Soda Cum Bed For Your Home!

Sofa cum bed furniture is the ideal option to customize the space with the presence of both the sofa and bed. You can have this type of furniture in the living room and conveniently host the uninformed guest for the comfortable overnight stay. In particular, you need not worry that your guest will feel bad when you are in 1 BHK home. You also need not share the super comfortable bed with the new people in your home. This will offer ample comfort and relaxed sleep similar to that you will have in the traditional beds.

Our Forms of Sofa Cum Bed Furniture

We offer an array of varieties to embellish the room by choosing the best designed, most comfortable and perfect cushion collection of sofa beds to enhance the beauty of the living or bedroom. Everyone will have different opinions over the furniture and the types. So, here we offer a wide range of sofa cums bed for home.

  • Wood: Without any doubts, the wood sofa cum bed will be the perfect choice for the décor style for years. It is also safe, sturdy and durable in various aspects. They come either in convertible or pull out style where you can choose between. We use only high-quality wood for manufacturing these beds.
  • Metal: It is another type of sofa that will be affordable for people and lots of customizable options. So, you can choose the right sofa cums bed for home steel around 10000 considering several other factors of the home as well.
  • Fabric: It is the option where you can have the ravishing collection of the sofa cums bed for home with storage. All adorned with leatherette or fabric upholstery will help you to store things. So, this is also considered as the multipurpose one.

Why should you consider buying a sofa cum bed

There are lots of reasons for anyone to choose the sofa cum bed.

  • Space-saving: This is often the best replacement for the traditional sofa especially for the small size bedroom. During the day, it serves as the space to sit, and you can elaborate it as a bed to sleep on it.
  • Multi-utility: It fulfils both the needs for the sofa and bed. When you need not buy different furniture, you are at the pocket-friendly option.
  • Variety: At CasaStyle, you can find huge varieties of folding bed cum sofa double. So, it is up to you to pick out the most suitable one for your home.

A Different Choice of Sofas Cum Beds From Us

As the houses are getting smaller and the world is adopting the modular approach with the different types of furniture, the popularity of the sofa cums bed for home 4x6 is tremendously growing. At CasaStyle, you can look for different types of sofas that will be more suitable for various necessities of the sofa. Here are some of the collections and types of sofa cum beds you can look for.

  • Corner Sofa Beds: Most of the people will prefer to have the sofa at the corner of the rooms. It will not only let you save the space, but it will also make you feel like a part of the home decors that will enrich the look of the home.
  • Folding Sofa Bed: It is a great choice if your primary goal is to save space. You will be able to fold the bed as per your convenience and save more space.
  • L shaped sofa cum bed: It is preferable to have a sofa cums bed for home 6 seater. It will be l shaped and save more space.

Are you excited to enjoy the fun of these l shaped sofa cums bed for home? Immediately place the order at CasaStyle!


1.What is the cost of sofa come bed?
Ans.The cost for a sofa cum bed for kids depends on several important factors such as the type of wood, size of the sofa cum bed, cushioning, padding and upholstery material. One can check our range of sofa cum bed to know the exact cost of the same.

2.How do you make a sofa come into a bed at home?
Ans.It is easy to make a sofa cum bed into a bed. All you need to do is just glide the seater and drag the same to form a bed. Sofa Cum bed for home is ideal for those looking out for comfortable, sleek, and compact beds.

3.What is the most comfortable sofa bed?
Ans.A Sofa cum bed furniture with 3 seaters is the most comfortable form of a sofa bed. It offers optimum seating arrangement and can be converted into a large bed as and when required.

4.What is the best sofa bed for everyday use?
Ans.For everyday use sofa cum bed furniture is ideal. A sofa cum bed is a great space saver with optimum seating arrangement and storage possibility. Casa Style brings to you an extensive collection of designer sofa cum bed furniture.

5.What is a sofa cum bed?
Ans.A sofa cum bed is a sofa that easily converts into a bed with minimal efforts. Casa Style has the best L shaped Sofa cum bed for home. Our sofa cum bed is made with ultimate precision and attention to detail.

6.What size is a sofa cum bed mattress?
Ans.The size of a sofa cum bed double mattress depends upon the structure of the sofa, size of the sofa etc. for any doubts or queries concerning the size of sofa cum bed mattress you can connect with our customer care team.

7.What is the most comfortable sofa cum bed?
Ans.A sofa cum bed in metal is the most comfortable sofa cum bed. However, you can also consider a wooden sofa cum bed. Casa Style has a wide range of designer metal sofa cum beds.

8.Do you have storage option in sofa com bed?
Ans.Yes, we do have a sofa cum bed with storage. You can check our sofa cum bed collection for some information on storage possibilities.

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