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Breathe a new life to your living room

What is the focal point of your living room? The sofa set! It is the place where the whole family gathers for cricket matches, birthdays, and gossip. Casa style not just understands the space but the emotions the living room evokes. At casa we have an extensive range of 5 seater sofa sets for the living room, to make it the ultimate gathering destination in your house.

What do we offer?

Casa style not only offers great craftsmanship but we also exclusively make sure to maintain the quality of material we use. Our sofa sets are made with utmost precision to maintain shape for years to come.

Here is why we are one of the best online sofa suppliers-

Affordability – We believe in both quality and cost-effectiveness. You can easily find a well-built 5 seater sofa under 20,000 at Casa style. We directly deal with the artisans to provide our customers with the best quality at affordable rates.  

A wide selection of designs – We offer a wide selection of colours and designs in sofa sets. Whether you need a 5 seater sofa set l shape or you need a sofa bed, we’ve got something for everyone in the store. Our wide selection also includes:


  • 5 seater sofa set for office
  • Corner sofa set
  • Recliners 
  • Leather and velvet sofa set
  • Sofa set for hall


Why are our sofas the best?

We know there is a less personal touch in buying online, but we make sure that once that sofa reaches your doorstep it leaves you awestruck. It's already enough that you are trusting us with the most important piece of furniture in your house, thus, we make sure to not disappoint you in any way.

We build all our sofa sets with love and hard work so that it lives up to your high expectations. Here are some qualities you can expect in our sofas-

A strong frame – How long a sofa set will last totally depends on the frame. The frame also defines the shape of the sofa set. Our workers carefully choose the wood and build the frame for the sofa sets to last you a lifetime. Whether you buy a 5 seater sofa under 20,000 or you buy a sofa bed, we ensure a strong frame in every product of ours. 

Good seating support – Our sofa sets are designed to give firm and good seating support. Looks and visual appeals aside, a major selling point of the sofa set is seating support. Thus, without getting too technical, we just want to mention that our sofas are good to go for years without sagging. 

Generously filled cushions – All it takes is to sit on the sofa to tell whether or not it is generously filled. We don’t want to embarrass even ourselves by offering you something which isn’t even fluffy enough for your kids to jump on. Our 5 seater sofa set for the living room gets filled with high-density fillings, giving it a long service life even when your kids pay around it 24x7. 

Rich fabric – The colour and texture of the fabric greatly impact the overall build of the sofa set. Casa style makes sure to use rich and vibrant coloured upholstery fabric to give the sofa set one of a kind visual appeal. We also offer 5 seater sofa velvet for all the velvet lovers out there.    

Why choose Casa Style?

  • We have a wide selection of 5 seater sofas under 20,000.
  • We directly associate with artisans to provide the best quality at a budget-friendly price.  
  • We offer comprehensive designs and styles.
  • We guarantee safe shipping and easy returns.


Sofa sets?

Don’t hesitate! Check out our wide selection of sofa sets from the comfort of your couch! 


1.What size is a 5 seater sofa bed?
Ans.The standard size of a 5 seater sofa bed is 144” width x 38” depth x 34” height. The sizes may vary depending on the type of sofa and the manufacturer from where the sofa bed is purchased. You can also customise the sofa bed according to your needs and home requirements.


2.Which material is best for 5 seater sofa set?
Ans.A 5 Seater sofa set for office space comes in a huge range of materials, each offering something a little different with different price points. The choice can be overwhelming but you can narrow down your options by looking at your lifestyle and choosing the best.


3.What makes a sofa comfortable?
Ans.The filling used on bottom and back cushions can make a huge difference for comfortable couches. High-density foam is quite common and is known for its comfort and durability. If you prefer sitting up, or need back support, a 5 seater sofa for the living room that features a tight back and doesn't have loose cushions is an excellent option.


4.Which 5 seater sofa is better wooden or fabric?
Ans.The choice of 5 seater sofa design depends on Comfort. Overall, fabric sofas are for the most part more comfortable than its counterpart. Although the feel may vary depending on the quality and type of fabric used as well as the support frames and cushion of the furniture.


5.What is the most comfortable 5 seater sofa set?
Ans.The most comfortable 5 seater sofa set can be the one made of Microfiber or canvas as these are the most durable and comfortable furniture fabrics. However, cotton and linen also have very strong fibres. Cotton and linen must be woven tightly in order to be considered durable. A tight weave is less likely to allow dirt, dust, and liquid to penetrate.


6.Is it good to buy 5 seater sofa set online?
Ans.Having mentioned the pros and the cons of buying a 5 seater sofa under 20000, we assume that it is not a bad idea to buy a sofa set online. The customers have enough time in the return policies of the shopping websites to judge and return the products according to return policies.

7.What goes with a velvet sofa?
Ans.A 5 seater velvet sofa screams luxury and remembers that mid-century modern is about texture and material so try pairing a velvet sofa with leather chairs or a velvet armchair against a bold-colour wall or a graphic wallpaper. You can also opt for velvet sofa in strong, saturated tones, like warm reds, browns, earthy greens, and mustard yellows.


8.How heavy is a 5 seater sofa 3+2?
Ans.The weight of a 5 seater sofa 3+2 will vary depending on the dimensions, style and the materials used in its construction. Couches with frames made from wood will weigh more than those made with plastic. The average weight of a 5 seater sofa will be around 20-50 kgs.


9.Where is the best place to buy a sofa set under 15000 for hall 5 seater?
Ans.You can buy a 5 seater sofa set under 15000 for a hall either online or offline. look for affordable prices with quality goods. You can visit various websites online or compare the features of various sofas to purchase the best for your hall. At Casa Style you will have the best quality sofa set under 15000.


10.What are the different materials used for making L shape 5 seater sofa set?
Ans.For 5 seater sofa set L shape wool and nylon are the best choices in their respective categories of natural and synthetic fibres, but cotton, acetate, rayon, and polyester have their own functional properties. Exterior fabric may be finished with a protective anti-stain coating. When used, springs are made of tempered steel.

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