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Place An Order To Buy The Top Quality 4 Seater Sofa From CasaStyle!

A 4 seater sofa set is the best and suitable for several living rooms that will accommodate the people in the nuclear family. It is an extraordinary piece of furniture that will offer a comfortable place for people to spend time together. Our sofa set will offer inviting space for late-night chats, marathon move sessions or a small nap after your lunch. At CasaStyle, we present an online catalogue that will help to choose the most elegant and stylish for your living room.

Styles and Designs of Sofas We Offer

At CasaStyle, we offer various 4 seater sofa set for living rooms that make the space more stylish and beautiful.

  • Sectional or L-shaped Sofa:As the name indicates, 4 seater sofa l shape is the l shaped ones where three people can sit on the larger side and one on the near smaller side. Here, one side will be open, and there will not be any armrest.
  • Corner Sofa:it is the sofa to be more suitable for the corners of the living room. It perfectly fits the corner where you save more space in the middle.
  • Lounger Sofa:It is the recliner sofas that offer super comfort to sit and snuggle. It also comes with the adjustable headrest and cup folders.

Our Sofas for Different Rooms

  • Drawing room
  • Study room
  • Dining room

We also welcome people who are looking for the custom sofas for the different rooms making it suitable for the various rooms.

Are you looking for these sofas? Look for the right sofa here and place the other. We will take responsibility to deliver the sofa at the destination.


1.What is the standard size of a 4 seater sofa?
Ans.Every 4 seater sofa set differs in size, style, pattern and brand. Visit Casa Style’s official website to get the sofa that matches your style and check the exact dimensions of the 4 seater sofa set.


2.Which type of sofa is best for living room?
Ans.A 4 seater sofa set is ideal for a living room, however; it depends upon the style, theme, and interior of your premises. You can either choose a two-seater, three-seater, four-seater, L shape sofa or sofa cum bed depending upon the space it’s going to occupy.


3.What type of 4 seater sofa is best for the home?
Ans.The type of 4 seater sofa for the living room is determined by the concept of your home. It depicts the personality of the space and the style of the person while being elegant and cohesive. The colour of the 4 seater sofa also depends on the colour of the walls and the flooring.

5.What type of sofa is the most comfortable?
Ans.Casa Style produces the best quality sofa sets for every customer. Our 4 seater sofa in L shape is preferred and recommended by many people, it is the most suitable among families. visit our website to buy the best L shaped seater sofa set.


6.Which type of sofa is best for office?
Ans.We have several types of 4 seater sofa sets that are suitable for office purpose, solid coloured sofas like: 1. Santa Claria four-seater (dark grey), 2. Dorby Four Seater (Blue). leather sofa sets like: 1. Kamiron 4 Seater Interchangeable Leatherette Sofa Set (Brown), 2. Alexis 4 Seater Interchangeable L shape Leatherette sofa (black).


7.Which are the best quality 4 seater sofa under 15000?
Ans.At Casa Style, we provide quality with affordability you can choose 4 seater sofa under 15000 according to your preferences and style. Our best quality fabric, leather sofa sets will fit under your budget easily.


8.How much does a 4 seater sofa cost?
Ans.The cost of a 4 seater sofa with storage depends on various factors such as: 1. Material of sofa, 2. The material of the storage, 3. Style and pattern, 4. Padding, 5. Dimensions of the sofa and storage, 6. Customization.

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